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Soho Rooms

Soho Rooms is the place with a great history, rich traditions and a cozy atmosphere. An amazing combination of a restaurant with European and Pan-Asian cuisines, Le Bristol style cafe area, river-view year-round terrace with a sliding dome and luxurious Soho Event Hall for private celebrations and concerts.

About Soho Rooms

We will find the reason of visiting!

Soho Rooms is an author's cocktail of many components, both well-known and secret branded. It cheers up and leaves a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste.

You don't have to go far for reasons to try it - something interesting is constantly happening here: the best artists and DJs from all over the world, gastronomic events and parties of famous brands take place. Just have time to follow the announcements!

But surely everyone has a lot of their own reasons for the holiday ?! Well, if so, then see you at Savvinskaya embankment!

Sincerely, Soho Rooms


Ближайшие события

07 August

Mini-Bikini fashion show!

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08 August

SWEET 00's! Все как мы любим!

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14 August

Soho Rooms Exclusive: ZIVERT!

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04 September

Soho Rooms Exclusive: MORGENSHTERN!

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18 September

Soho Rooms Exclusive: БИЛАН!

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Свой собственный праздник в Soho Rooms - тоже отличная идея! Мы найдем что-то особенное, чем сможем вас удивить. Ваши пожелания + наши возможности, и в назначенный день пройдет событие, которое вы еще долго будете с ностальгией вспоминать.



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